About Better Shelter


Better Shelter is a social enterprise driven by a mission to improve the lives of persons displaced by armed conflicts and natural disasters. We aim to be the leader in emergency and temporary shelter innovation, and continuously develop our products together with our partners, customers and, most importantly, the people who live in our shelters. We strive to create a safer, more dignified home away from home for millions of displaced persons across the world through innovation. With and for refugees.



We offer training and support to ensure safe and effective assembly of our shelters, before & during implementation. We support our partners in increasing their capacity and optimise their available resources, in order to ensure that as many people as possible get the shelter they need, as quickly as possible. Working side by side with our partners also gives us the opportunity to monitor quality, understand our partners’ requirements and to both gather and offer feedback on the assembly and use of our shelters.



The Better Shelter is a temporary 17.5 m2 light weight, modular emergency shelter. It meets the basic needs for the activities of basic living, for privacy, security and familiarity. It is a safe base offering a sense of peace, identity and dignity. The shelter can easily be dismantled, moved and reassembled and adapted to different needs and areas of use. And though it may be humble, it is somewhere even the most vulnerable people on earth can call a home away from home, developed together with UNHCR and the IKEA Foundation.


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