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28 Mar, 2017

Better Shelters house Iraqi returnee families in the Anbar province


© UNHCR/N. Touaibia

© UNHCR/N. Touaibia

Better Shelter units are housing formerly displaced families who have been able to return home

The city of Ramadi is rising from the ruins after the Iraqi government retook control over the province last year. Violence and fighting forced 250,000 people to flee the city, and UNHCR is now supporting returnees to go back and rebuild their lives. 

300 shelters have been provided by UNHCR to families that have returned to the Anbar province, giving them somewhere to live while restoring their old home. 

Alaa, 30 and mother of four said: “When we left Ramadi, our house was intact, then we received a text message from a neighbour to tell us that our house had been taken over. We were shocked when we returned – the house was almost completely destroyed by bombardments. Now that we have the shelters, we have a sense of stability”. “Before, we were living in a small rented apartment, all squashed together, paying 200,000 IQD (170 USD) per month rent and 100,000 IQD (85 USD) for electricity. It’s great now that we are back in our home, we no longer have to pay rent, we can save the rent money to spend on making this house livable again.”

Read the full story here – thank you to UNHCR Iraq for sharing 

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