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06 Sep, 2017

Support Iraqi displaced families on their journey home

Iraqi citizens are returning to the Saladin Governorate after years in displacement. Now they need support to rebuild their lives. Swiss child relief agency Terre des hommes and Better Shelter will provide temporary shelter for 500 families, giving them a place to live while reconstructing their old homes.

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Iraq, 2017: The Saladin Governorate is currently facing a complex humanitarian crisis and a significant lack of international humanitarian assistance since armed groups affiliated to the Islamic State/Daesh took control of strategic towns in June 2014. The volatile security situation in several cities makes it difficult for aid organisations to access these areas.

To date, the Iraqi Civil War has displaced over 3.3 million people and another million are expected to flee Mosul. The city of Baiji was entirely destroyed during fighting between ISIS/Daesh and the Iraqi forces in 2015. The population fled to the south to Tikrit and Baghdad, but also to the northern town Shirqat. During sporadic attacks and counterattacks, control of territories – especially in and around the local power plant and Iraq’s largest oil refinery – has changed hands.

Since then, a certain peace is in place in the area but thousands remain displaced and severe collateral damage with entire cities in ruins. While the situation is still unstable and difficult in many cities, people want to return home, longing to manage their own lives, rebuild their homes and make an independent living instead of being dependent on aid. Families provided with a Better Shelter will be able to set it up in a matter of hours near their old homes, and do reconstruction work while having somewhere to live together.   

Terre des hommes is currently the only NGO active in the area, and has partnered with Better Shelter to offer protection, privacy and security for those greatest in need. The project is already partly funded, and remaining donations will be collected through the Austrian fundraiser platform respekt.net where people all over the world are free to contribute

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